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Posted on May 22, 2013 by John

Just a few months ago I could only dream about hearing these words:

“If I take it in my mouth I will suffocate!
He is 20 cm long!”

Do you know that in 2012 there were up to 9 800 cases of mental breakdowns and neuroses per 100 000 men. To this, the number of more than 100 000 permanent self-injuries and suicides must be added. All this is due to having too small penis size.

It could have been avoided!

gosc Hi there!

My name is John . I am 29 years old. I’m working in a company involved in the FOREX market, I love to spend my evenings in pubs seducing new girls, and I am the owner of 20.3 cm long penis, and its size is still growing.

It was not always so beautiful.

I used to have a problem that almost led me to the decision about committing suicide. It was a tiny penis.

13, 85 cm during erection! And how can you call it a penis?

That’s the size of my erect penis until recently. It was so small that when I got an erection in a public place, there was never any bulge on my pants. In general, I did not feel 100% man at all.

I learned very quickly about my tragic situation. More specifically, as early as in elementary school, when we were talking with my friends about it. Everyone praised their growing wieners. Except me, the keeper of a thumb size dick. I was really afraid they would discover my secret.

That’s why I was not going to the pool, I got an exemption from PE, I stopped wearing tight pants, I also started to avoid others. Of course, I did not have to wait long for the reaction . I quickly gained a reputation of a loner, I became the despised and humiliated person (first in elementary school, then in high school – which I had to change three times because of being a victim of a wave).

In addition, my sex drive was getting strong very soon. While masturbating, I dreamed of fucking all the girls at school, and later from college. And these remained just dreams, for the obvious reason.

My mentioned above masturbation was not really successful either. My penis was too small to grab it with whole hand. So I had to raise and lower the skin between two fingers. I felt so much humiliated by it.

Having big one like John Holmes or Rocco

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

My dream was to have a penis size much alike as these XXX movie actors. Giant dick, craved by all the girls. So I decided to fulfill my desire.

I was ashamed to go to the doctor with my problem (I was afraid that he will make fun of my tiny penis). Therefore, I decided to deal with this overwhelming problem myself.

At first I read some medical books, where I found out there is nothing that can be done with my penis. I tried a few tips found online, which first resulted with herpes, and then with the pain all over my genitals.

I tried to stretch the wiener using my own methods, applying weights in the form of cups, plastic bags filled with water or weights overhanging the bar. Instead of increasing my “thing”, I almost broke it off a few times.
In the end, quite resigned, I went to the doctor, vowing that if he would not help me, I’ll have to do the final step.

This decision was like hitting the jackpot! The doctor heard me out and promised immediate help.

He told me about the new product on the medical market. The supplement, which effectively has helped millions of men. He promised that in two months I will stand in front of the mirror admiring my erection. He told the truth.

Xtrasize is the name of the product that changed my life for the better.

I needed only seven weeks and my erect penis was

20.3 cm long.

I remember the moment when I measured it and I loved it… as a child getting the coveted toy.

What is penis enlargement?

side_ourformula-bg Spongy tissue is a major part of the penis. This is what is filled with blood when we are aroused, thereby increasing the volume of the penis. This is called an erection.

The only way to enlarge the penis is expanding this spongy tissue. This can be done by surgery (which combines the physical pain and the enormous financial costs).

You can also perform exercises that resemble the scenes taken straight from the book about Christian Grey (and are completely ineffective). You can use natural methods (painlessly), taking only dietary supplements. There is quite a selection of these on the UK market.

However, most of them do not show the desired effect, and sometimes can even be life-threatening. Xtrasize is considered the safest supplement, which passed all required examinations and tests, and is used by men all around the world. It is already popular, among others, in France, Spain, Russia, Switzerland and Norway. A few months ago it became available also in UK.

It quickly gained the favor of english doctors who recommend it to their patients. Though it is a supplement available without a prescription, it can only be purchased via the Internet.

I realized by my own penis example that size does matter. Thanks to Xtrasize I regained my confidence.

Images of the disaster, which I projected in my mind, turned into positive visions, my anxiety disappeared, my sleep got better and, what’s most important, I started going out. I felt like the size of my erect penis, growing centimeter by centimeter, transformed me into completely different person. Finally I could grab it with my whole hand and indulge myself in the pleasure of jacking off.

I remember when on the fourth weekend from starting Xtrasize treatment I put on tight pants and just walked around with satisfaction, feeling discomfort in the left leg. Finally getting more confidence, I started dating. I did not want to have a steady girlfriend. So I was trying to go out with as many girls and their girlfriends as possible. It was going so well that … once in a pub I’ve heard a few stories about me and my big cock, and soon after I gained the nickname Rocco. Then I’ve got the first good job, my career gained such a momentum, like my ever expanding penis.

At this point, I have something to tell you, I kept my first Xtrasize package, as a souvenir. I put it in a drawer to remind me that once I had a terrible problem, but I’ve overcome it. My penis is about twice the size! There is a picture below:

Xtrasize – feel the power of manhood

I’ve come to conclusion: since the supplement has helped me so much, I absolutely have to share this knowledge with other men. After all, I am not the only one born with a tiny penis. Millions of men are struggling with this problem.

As I mentioned above you can buy Xtrasize without a prescription. However, it is not available in pharmacies yet. You can buy it on this page:

Xtrasize – Official page

But before you do, please read the following text in the box below.

How to use Xtrasize?


-According to official information provided by the manufacturer, it is sufficient to take “Xtrasize” twice a day.

-It is important to remember to drink plenty of water while using Xtrasize natural supplement.

-The tablets are easily absorbed (capsules dissolve instantly in the stomach and are taken in by the body). Suggested use: after the meal. During the treatment, drinking at least one liter of natural water daily is recommended.

I also asked few customers for a recommendation of Xtrasize. Here’s what I got from them via e-mail:

I bought Xtrasize before going to England. When I got back I pulled my underwear in front of my wife. I’ve never seen her so surprised. I highly recommend it!

~E-mail from Will

I decided to use Xtrasize after the meeting with Bartosz. I did not believe what he was saying. It grew to 18cm. I recommend it.

~E-mail from Tom

I’ve been using the product for half a year now, and I’m happy. Everything goes according to the manufacturer’s promises and assurances.

~E-mail from Jack

So now, I can only invite you to take advantage of Xtrasize if you have problems similar to the one I fought. Be sure to get this supplement. You will free yourself from embarrassment and become fulfilled man – I GUARANTEE YOU THAT!


P.S. If you have a question for me – leave a comment or email me at: johny29@gmail.com

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